What Our Clients are Saying

I am a huge fan of Springs Studio and Julie Kraft.


I have been practicing with Julie for two years now.  She is a fantastic instructor as she really understands all the nuances of pilates and how best to apply these to each individual.  The routines are varied and change as you get stronger so it’s always interesting and challenging (in a good way).  The studio is very pleasant and welcoming too.  I am stronger and healthier since taking up pilates.  Consider giving it a try!


Mary S.

“exceptionally attentive, personalized, and transformational instruction…

This is a place for all bodies, all types, all levels. Additionally, Springs Studio is a welcoming, fun, and relaxed environment for exercise. You will see results in your body and in the way you live your life. I highly recommended Julie and Springs Studio if you care about a meaningful workout!!Alex B.

New Orleans, LA

Love, Love, Love Springs Studio and Julie Kraft.

Julie’s attention to the details of performing the exercises in a correct and safe manner ensure the maximum benefit is reached.  The exercises are varied and totally geared to your individual fitness level.  Springs Studio and Julie have made a huge positive impact on my health and wellness both physically and mentally.  THANK YOU! Alice J.

Nashville, TN

Julie Kraft is a fantastic Pilates instructor.

She is meticulous in her attention during my private class, has encouraged me to do my best and has helped me understand my body through the workouts.  She is a certified member of the Senior Fitness Association, which in addition to being great for seniors, it also means that she will be careful  and attentive to the workouts for everyone.

She meets you where you are, and is always willing to go the extra mile!


Nashville, TN

It is a great place to do Pilates!

I have been going to this studio for over a year and half now… You can do both mat and reformer, and Julie is very friendly. She changes the workout routine weekly to challenge me.
I never get bored 🙂 I HIGHLY recommend it !!! Susan Y.

Nashville, TN

Classes are small and the attention you get is nice. Julie is so encouraging…

She is great at working with you on any health issues/limitations, providing work-arounds or alternative exercises… I’ve been going here about a year now and only wish I had found her earlier.” – Gale McPherson Gale M.

Nashville, TN

“In the 1990’s I gained a LOT of weight – I topped out at 320#. By 2007 or so I had lost the first 50 lbs but I still couldn’t walk across a parking lot without getting winded. I had to mow my 1/8th acre lawn over 3 days; my lower back, legs and feet would bark at me after 1/2 block of walking, I bought one of those reacher-grabber thingys to retrieve objects I dropped on the floor. In 2009 I was diagnosed with metabolic disorder (I like to call it “Winning The Fat Girl Trifecta”): Hypertension, High cholesterol, and my personal favorite, Type 2 Diabetes. It was a bad, dangerous state to be in, and I started to look around for exercise I could safely do.

before-today1-300x171Enter Julie Kraft and Springs Studio. Julie was and is able to modify exercises for
my ‘special needs’; I started with a dual session with a regular-sized person and we each got a hard workout doing mostly the same exercises, but modified for each of us. Amazing! Also, I was accustomed to being the biggest person in the room, but there are places I don’t go – like most gyms, that seem to emphasize appearance over health. Not the case at Springs Studio, not 
even a little bit.So, after 4 years, I have lost so far 130#, maybe 60 to go. With meds my metabolic “numbers” are all in the normal range, and I am SO much stronger. I’ve stopped avoiding activities that might require walking or standing, so my world has really opened up. My 6 day-a-week exercise routine involves yoga, walking, folk dance, endless gardening, and, of course, a Pilates group session with ladies who are only somewhat smaller than me! I could go on and on – would it be too extreme to state that Julie & Pilates at Springs Studio are a factor in maybe saving my life?Laura S.

Franklin, TN

Julie has been great from the very beginning. And that was almost 15 years ago! When I first came to see Julie, I had recently injured my back, and I knew that I needed some kind of core building exercise. I especially needed somebody that was going to be very careful with my back. Julie was wonderful. We started out with some really simple stuff… she was constantly trying different things to see what would work best for me. At a certain point it really started making sense, and it has had quite an effect on my whole body. I rarely have any kind of back pain, and that’s because I learned to strengthen and protect my back from an expert. Thanks, Julie! Alan C.

Nashville, TN

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