There are many things that prevent us from exercising, not the least of which is our fear of getting hurt. With intimidating images in the media of people performing advanced Pilates exercises, it is little wonder that one would feel apprehensive about trying Pilates. To make matters worse, we are hounded by slogans like “JUST DO IT!” playing in our minds, making us feel even more discouraged than we already feel about not exercising. But finding the courage and time to “just do it” can be an arduous challenge in itself, and at Springs Studio taking that first step to begin an exercise program would never be diminished, but wholeheartedly applauded.


What You Can Expect At Springs Studio:

1. We are non-judgmental, as we have all felt at some point in our lives and in varying degrees the way you feel right now.

2. I will meet you where you are when you first enter my studio, and at any given time in your progress, providing a program that can be gentle, or challenging when desired, but always safe and restorative.

3. I will be conservative with you in the beginning as I get to know your body and the way you work. Later when you become more familiar with the exercises and gain more confidence, I will gradually add layers of nuance and challenge. But even as you start slowly you may begin from day one to see and feel improvement in your posture. The typical feedback I hear from new clients from day one is that they’re standing up straighter, they’re more aware of their abs, and frequently find themselves pulling in their tummies. Still there may be muscles that you have never used or been aware of before that help alleviate strain from overuse of other muscles and joints. My job is to help you find and strengthen those muscles. This can happen more gradually, so what you may consider a small and subtle change is actually a significant achievement.

4. I consider my work with you to be a collaborative effort, and I will always welcome and encourage your input, questions and concerns.

5. I do not subscribe to the old school adage “no pain, no gain.” In fact I will insist that you tell me right away if you feel any discomfort while performing an exercise, rather than wait till later.

6. I will never pressure you to meet any particular time agenda, yours or mine, for people progress in varying degrees and at varying rates.

7. I will always be patient when you struggle to understand or perform an exercise, for I know how normal that is. But more importantly, I will encourage you to be patient with yourself.

8. You will never be placed in a situation that is inappropriate for your condition or level of fitness. Rather I will advise you how to best meet your individual needs and goals.