The only real guide to your true age…(is) indicated by the degree of natural and normal flexibility enjoyed by your spine throughout life.

Joseph H. Pilates – 1881-1967

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Spring Studios Pilates in Nashville

We answer to your specific goals, by tailoring and recommending a personalized exercise program in the Pilates method that will meet you at your current fitness level, improve your overall level of fitness, and address any special needs or challenges you may face.

Introduction to Springs Studio –  Video by Alex Becker – 2013

Springs Studio is for:


-Anyone of any age, body type or fitness level
-Anyone turned off by large “one size fits all” classes at crowded loud health clubs and studios
-Anyone who has suffered injuries
-Anyone who wants to nourish and strengthen their maturing bodies
-Anyone who wants to stay mobile and supple
-Anyone who wants to avoid the common pitfalls that can develop as they age
-Anyone who simply wants to look and feel better


There are many things that prevent us from exercising, not the least of which is our fear of getting hurt. With intimidating images in the media of people performing advanced Pilates exercises, it is little wonder that one would feel apprehensive about trying Pilates....

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One of the most common questions I am asked by prospective clients is whether it is better to begin Pilates training with semi-private classes or private sessions. Following are a few things to consider:The first is safety. If you have never had any Pilates training,...

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What Our Clients are Saying

Love, love, love Springs Studio and Julie Kraft. Julie’s attention to the details of performing the exercises in a correct and safe manner ensure the maximum benefit is reached. The exercises are varied and totally geared to your individual fitness level. Springs Studio and Julie have made a huge positive impact on my health and wellness both physically and mentally. THANK YOU!

Alice J.

The classes are small and the attention you get is nice. Julie is so encouraging. She is great at working with you on any health issues/limitations, providing work-arounds or alternative exercises. I’ve been going here about a year now and only wish I had found her earlier.

Gale M.

Exceptionally attentive, personalized, and transformational instruction… This is a place for all bodies, all types, all levels. Additionally, Springs Studio is a welcoming, fun, and relaxed environment for exercise. You will see results in your body and in the way you live your life. I highly recommend Julie and Springs Studio if you care about a meaningful workout!

Alex B.